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Part of the sustainability pledge of ECOHEADS is to make a product that stands the test of time. So when we came up with a new version of the product we knew some of our customers would want and need, it was important to us that we wouldn’t be contributing to the waste stream but giving a new life to the heads you no longer need.

If you are able to return your ECOHEADS spray nozzle to the US headquarters in reasonable condition and including it’s original components, you will qualify for a $30 store credit to be used towards an ECOHEADS product.

Return shipping is included, so to get started you simply need to fill out the form to initiate the request.

NOTE: If you plan to swap for the new Showerhead X edition, and do not have your old spray nozzles pre-ECOHEADS, you will need to purchase the new heads first and then return the old heads in the box your new heads come in. We will apply the credit to your purchase as a rebate, upon approved inspection.

Questions? Check Below for Answers

Once we receive your application and confirm your eligibility, you will receive an email from your account manager that will be your contact and guide through the process. Please make sure to confirm whether you’d like the cash payment of $35/head or the store credit and they will mark that on your account and ensure that gets process.

You will receive a prepaid shipping label and instructions to return your units. If you need new heads BEFORE shipping your old heads back, they will communicate the ETA of the new units and be your contact should you have any questions during installation.

Once you send them back, your account manager will pass to the quality department to inspect, clean, refurbish and repair your old heads. They will now have a new warranty for their new home as part of this process. Once it passes inspection, they will confirm you are good to go with the refund and your account manager will let you know the outcome and expectations for delivery of cash payment or how to redeem the store credit.

If you are one of those that wants to know what happens to your first loves after they find a new home, make sure to stay tuned to the ECOHEADS and Sustain Beauty newsletters for information on our initiatives to end water waste in our industry.

We absolutely understand this question and wish we could. This is the best position we can offer as it includes shipping back, the service and wages for refurbishment, costs of repackaging, and since they are no longer new, we have to resell them as such. That wouldn’t be very cool of us not to tell people they had a life before. We have some pretty special plans for these heads, though. We are hoping to offer these certified refurbished heads to water-stressed regions and communities that need greater access to sustainable and profit-driving tools.

Mmmmmhmmmm, sure can! The only caveat is that we need to recieve and inspect your old showerheads before we can give you the credit. If you choose to do that, you will simply receive a refund to your form of payment once that is process. Please let your account manager handling the request know.

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