School Refurbish Program

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As part of educating the future generation, putting the right tools in the hands of future professionals is important for not only creating habits and elevating their expectation of delivering a quality service, but also to attract the interest of new students who are looking for more than just a license.

Part of the sustainability pledge of ECOHEADS is to make a product that stands the test of time. So when we came up with a new version of the product we knew some of our customers would want and need, it was important to us that we wouldn’t be contributing to the waste stream but giving a new life to spray nozzles still kicking butt and taking names.

To be part of the water saving beauty community with certified refurbished spray nozzles, complete the application and an account manager will be in touch to get you setup.


Once we receive your application and confirm your eligibility, you will receive an email from your account manager that will be your contact and guide through the process.

If you should need a hose, these won’t come with the refurbished heads. We cannot guarantee the internal structure of a hose, so we cannot refurbish hoses. However, those can be added separately by your account rep if you determine you’ll need one. Only about 60% of the basins in the United States will need one, so you can discuss and determine if your basins require a separate hose.

Yes! Every certified refurbished spray nozzle comes with an a three month guarantee of performance, or the remainder of the original heads warranty – whichever is longer. We also have a repair policy, where if a particular part is damaged and no longer under warranty, you can replace the piece.

School Refurbish Application

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