Maintaining Your ECOHEADS Showerheads

To get the most out of your ECOHEADS showerheads, there are a few maintenance routines we recommend. Many of these are similar to what you likely did to maintain your previous showerhead, but you’ll continue to get ECOHEADS level benefits with our recommendations.

ECOHEADS Silver Plate

Soak the silver plate in distilled white vinegar overnight once a month (+/- depending on your water quality) to eliminate any calcium build up that can cause random sprays. Scrub with an old toothbursh to clear any leftover sediment.


The ECOHEADS filter should be cleaned once a month (+/- depending on your water quality) with an old toothbrush to clear out any sediment accumulated in the mesh. To locate the filter, unscrew the clear thread below the black tourmaline stones in the neck of the showerhead.