Getting Started

The Ping was designed with the stylist in mind. Work faster with perfectly sized bowls differentiated by color, a powerful motor and a battery that gives you full power all day long.  Think of The Ping as your new assistant. Now you can measure your color and let The Ping mix for you while you’re preparing your next color, grabbing foils, coffee, a quick selfie, whatever… 

The Ping Includes:

  • 4 mixing bowls
  • 4 tint brushes
  • 2 magnetic blades
  • 1 charging cable
  • 1 cleaning spatula
Ping Accessory Kit

The X-Pack includes 4 additional bowls, 2 brushes and 1 mixing blade.

What Do These Lights Mean?

One Blue Light


During use, the selected time’s BLUE LIGHT will flicker.

Two Blue Lights


Two options: If The Ping is not properly positioned on the bowl, both BLUE LIGHTS will flicker 3 times. If The Ping needs to be charged, blinking BLUE LIGHTS appear during mixing.

Alternating Red Lights


When charging, the RED LIGHTS alternate from left to right.

Two Solid Red Lights


When charging is complete, both RED LIGHTS are illuminated.

Let's Get Mixing

Mixing Tips

  • For the best results, pour in peroxide first before the color/tint.
  • Larger amounts of color require longer mixing times. For mixes consisting of 30g – 60g mix for 45 seconds. Any mix over 60 g should be mixed for 75 seconds.
  • The Ping holds a full power 90 minute charge. 
  • If the operations needs to be stopped mid mix, press the power button.
  • A magnetic sensor is located inside The Ping’s mixing bowls. If the body and the bowl are separated, the operation will stop.

Having trouble? Review your Ping user guide for more information on how The Ping works.


After mixing, using a brush or spatula  to wipe off excess color from the lid, wipe the top of The Ping with a damp towel covering the charging port and pointing all lights and electrical components away from any water.

The Ping should NEVER be immersed in water.