Installing Showerheads

Installing Showerheads

Step-by-Step Instructions

Unscrew Existing Showerhead

Unscrew Existing Showerhead Base

Install ECOHEADS Base

Check Your Current Hose Fitting

Securely Place Rubber Rings

Screw on ECOHEADS Showerhead



Not as easy as shown above? While most installations are incredibly smooth, your basin may need a little extra TLC. While our advice isn’t a replacement for a professional plumber, we have a few tips that some of our clients have passed on.

Yes! Inside every box is a booklet that has the installation and maintenance instructions.

Likely you have an all-in-one hose and so you can either buy a hose locally or go to this link and purchase from us. Our hoses fit the majority of US shampoo bowls BUT it isn’t a guarantee so check that the thread you need is a standard US ¼ inch female thread.

This is not a requirement of course, it just will not look as sexy! We have tried to create a universal design, however with the number of different basin’s on the market it does make it hard to please everyone! Typically, the vacuum breakers make it hard to accommodate all the set ups we have in North America.

Installing your ECOHEADS Showerhead shouldn’t require master yogi poses, so if you are struggling to access the area to unscrew your hose we recommend calling a professional plumber. Make sure to keep our support number on hand for the plumber to give us a call if they have any questions.


What's Next?

Before your first use, make sure to wipe the showerhead clean with a clean, dry and lint-free towel. Check out these maintenance tips to keep your ECOHEADS looking, performing and feeling perfect.