Using Ecoheads


Part of the ECOHEADS magic is the shape and size of the head itself. The filtration plate and tourmaline ionization is part of creating that experience your clients love and your stylists will never want to be without, however, it can take some getting used to compared to the smaller, standard heads.

Here are some tips on how to hold ECOHEADS as you get comfortable delivering your new, upgraded shampoo experience.

Hot Tips on Using ECOHEADS

ECOHEADS are slightly larger than the basic nozzle, so cradling the showerhead in your palm is the most comfortable for most stylists used to placing the nozzle between their fingers.

Remember you are doubling the pressure, so while we recommend using ECOHEADS at full strength, as you get started, don’t start yanking on that lever to full strength. Try turning the water to half strength until you are familiar with the power.


Most stylists love and embrace ECOHEADS, seeing the immediate benefits. However, some take some time to get used to the power and efficiency of a professional tool at the basin. If you see anything out of the ordinary along the way, check out these troubleshooting tips and get in touch in case we can help.