The Ping X: ECOHEADS Hair Color Electric Mixer


Transform the way you think about mixing color, introducing – The Ping X by ECOHEADS.

The Ping X features ALL-NEW fast charging features, allowing for up to 50% faster charging!  The Ping X now offers a third time function of 120 seconds, specifically for mixing thicker mixtures such as bleaching powders.

  • A third time speed for powder lightener
  • Charging time improved with USB fast charger
  • Two motor speed functions; Normal and Slow
  • Fume-free mixing
  • Up to 30% color saving
  • Up to 20% waste reduction
  • 100% color consistency
  • Includes 4 bowls, 2 blades, 6 brushes, 1 spatula

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The Ping X’s set timer ensures a consistent mix every time with better chemical bondage for a smooth application and even distribution.


The Ping X allows you to mix with confidence knowing fumes are kept within the mixer, keeping the color area healthier and odor-free.


The Ping X’s unique design provides more coverage with less product. Reduce color usage by up to 30% and chemical waste by up to 20%.

Additional information

Weight 64 oz
Dimensions 12 × 7 × 7 in


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