Areas of the US With the Hardest Water

Hard water can cause mineral build-up on hair and scalp, which can lead to frizziness, dryness, and even dandruff. As a salon owner or stylist, you already know this and likely have a plan to stop bad water quality from damaging your work.

After being in the US for six years, the ECOHEADS Black limited edition was built for those extreme environments that have a lot of calcium and minerals in the water. Looking at the map, it’s obvious the United States has a lot of areas with extremely hard water. The new Black edition has a magnetic water filter that adds a positive charge to the water that passes through the spray nozzle. The key benefits of positively charged water are that it reduces the effects of the calcium and minerals by stopping them from adhering to the hair or the spray nozzle itself. It also leaves the hair smoother and softer.

So if you’ve ever been curious about just how bad your water is compared to other areas, you likely already know you’re in line for the new edition. Using the Water Index Map, we’ve created a heat map to help you identify if where you live is as bad as you think. Check the map and see where you rank in terms of terrible water quality and let’s see how many ECOHEADS clients are part of the Bad Water Boss Club.

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