Limited Edition ECOHEADS Black Showerhead

The latest in water innovation is now available to stylists and salons in North America. The limited-edition ECOHEADS Black was designed with two new features, built to address extremely hard water, and includes an adapter to ease ergonomic challenges in awkward basin configurations.

When ECOHEADS launched in Sydney Australia over seven years ago, it started with the salon spray nozzle called the ECOHEADS Showerhead. Years later, ECOHEADS has expanded into ten countries across the world and has seen its fair share of nasty water surprises. From the sand in the water of Dubai to the rusty pipes of old-world European salons, and then there’s the limescale buildup of San Diego. While the standard edition showerhead solves water issues for 90% of the environments it encounters there are still salons that struggle with buildup on the metal plate that requires above-average cleaning. The average salon will soak the metal plate in vinegar once a month to keep all the micro sprays spraying in the right direction. Standard cleaning procedures do not apply in some areas of the world, and in those cases, ECOHEADS Black has a new magnetic filter that reduces the amount of limescale buildup on the scalp and the metal plate using AMT (magnetic water treatment). This new, chemical-free water softening technology adds a negative charge to the water that changes the properties of calcium and other minerals in the water and reduces their damaging effects. It also smooths the hair cuticle with the charge, reversing the damaging positive charge caused by ongoing friction from combing and styling.

In addition to the new filtration system, ECOHEADS Black includes a new pivoting adapter that offers a 360-degree rotation at the base of the spray nozzle. Tall stylists all over the world are all rejoicing with this more ergonomic design that allows for free rotation, reducing the strain on the wrist during the rinse. This new adapter replaces the current adapter by screwing onto the base of the spray nozzle and then connecting to a male end hose.

The new Black edition is available while supplies last. For salons that have the standard edition, please consider the ECOHEADS Buy-Back program to give your current ECOHEADS spray nozzles a new life at another salon eager to conserve water.

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