ECOHEADS Marks the X For Even Better Water Quality

Water-saving champion ECOHEADS is celebrating 10 years of uplifting the industry by gifting the industry with an enhanced, upgraded version of its much-loved salon spray nozzle.

Keeping its eye firmly on improving the experience for guest, stylist and salon, the brand has released ECOHEADS X, which blends the innovative features of its limited 2021 release ECOHEADS Black, and made them standard issue.

ECOHEADS X boasts the magnetic filter developed to aid salons struggling against extremely harsh water quality (see map). It also has the stylist’s favorite, the swivel adapter, which eases tension on the wrist, making it easier than ever to rinse hard-to-reach areas even when using the most awkward basin at the salon.

“The response to ECOHEADS Black edition made us realize the majority of salons are struggling with inadequate water such as low pressure or contamination,” said Valorie Tate, who represents ECOHEADS in North America. “Developed for those with the most challenging water conditions, the Black edition introduced new technology which now comes as standard in the new ECOHEADS X. Every salon will benefit from the swivel adaptor and the upgraded and robust magnetic filter that blasts apart mineral particles and reduces the effects of limescale, allowing hairdressers to deliver a smoother, more conditioned finish.”

The worsening water situation has meant more and more salons are struggling with high levels of calcium, magnesium and iron in their water, which can leave a residue on everything from hair to basins. Deposits on hair can lead to limp, dull and unmanageable hair, and reduce the efficacy of shampoos and color services. ECOHEADS X provides the only reliable solution for salons, while also cutting water use by up to 65%.

“Since ECOHEADS launched 10 years ago, it has prioritized the user and guest experience in tandem with sustainability to ensure salons across the country have access to soft, pure water and a consistent, improved water pressure,” added Valorie.

“And over the next 10 years the brand has big plans to continue to focus on innovation and quality-built products aimed at making salon life just a little bit easier.”

  • Easy handling grips
  • Improved water pressure
  • Up to 65% of water saved
  • Cleaner water
  • Softer water
  • Swivel adaptor
  • Magnetic filter for reduced lime scale

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