Introducing The Ping X

Unleash the Power of Precision Mixing

As we mark a decade of innovation, we’re proud to introduce a true game-changer that’s all about making your mixing experience smoother, smarter, and, well, better.

Check Under the Hood

The Ping X takes everything you loved about the O.G. Ping and takes it up a level (or two). Designed to withstand a busy and demanding environment at the color bar, the Ping X comes with a newly developed motor that’s built to go the distance and tested in salons around the globe to raise up to the challenge.

Personalized Mixing Experience

When it comes to mixing colors, lightener, tints, and plexes, The Ping X doesn’t mess around. A new time setting gives you complete control of how you mix up your custom formula. Designed specifically for lightener that often requires longer mix time for perfect volume and chemical bonding, The Ping X now has three time settings – 45 seconds, 75 seconds, and 120 seconds. You can also choose between the normal mixing speed, or a slower speed, so it’s mixed precisely to your specification.

Easy, Fast Charging

The Ping X rolls in with a USB fast charger, ready to juice up to 50% faster so you don’t find yourself without your favorite color assistant mixing while you focus on prepping your client or sneaking a snack.

Welcome Back the Spatula

You spoke, we listened. The spatula is back in action, and now included with your starter kit. When every gram counts, the spatula is your best friend cleaning up your bowls and any other area and comes along with six brushes and the standard four magnetic bowls.

The Ping X is the culmination of everything we’ve learned as a global community.

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