ECOHEADS at Sassoon Academy

One would only assume that if you attend one of the top educational institutions in hair and beauty, they would have the best professional showerheads on the market. That assumption would now be correct as Sassoon Academy in Santa Monica, CA has fully converted their basins to the eco-friendly, and client favorite, ECOHEADS showerheads.

The showerheads not only double the pressure, giving the clinic guests a luxurious experience, they also give students a better understanding of everything that goes into a great color service.

“You mention ionized water to a regular guy walking down the street, and they’ll likely think it’s a new health fad,” said Paul Tate, Director of ECOHEADS North America. “You mention it to a colorist and they know it translates to a better results.”

Sassoon has always stood for excellence, so ECOHEADS is proud to be part of that dedication to the craft.

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