Protect World’s Smallest (and Cutest) Penguins

Penguins deserve love too!

Join the crowds of colorists in love with their cute little Ping color mixer in February and Ecoheads will match you up with a tiny penguin (Eudyptula minor), the smallest of all penguin species in the world. For the entire Valentine’s month of February, Ecoheads is ‘swiping right’ on a love match between a little penguin and everyone who buys one of its Ping color blenders, the cutest, most efficient color mixer ever, via its website.

During this campaign, ECOHEADS will be sending love and support to the Penguin Foundation on Phillip Island, just off the southern coast of Australia, organizing the symbolic adoption of one of the island’s penguin residents for every shiny new Ping color mixer dispatched. The new Ping owner will also receive a personalized adoption certificate showing they’ve not only adopted the coolest color mixer on the market but also protected an endangered little penguin.

“As a company, we are always focused on doing things for the right reasons and that has certainly transcended into having a community of like-minded, philanthropic hair stylists and colorists as well,” said Valorie Tate of Linkup Marketing, the official representative for Ecoheads in North America. “While most of our clients say the awe-inspiring results and reliable quality are their favorite benefits of our products, they are never shy in supporting the causes we raise funds and awareness for.

“These little penguins, native to Australia just like Ecoheads, spend most of their time swimming in the sea and only come on shore after sunset once all their land predators are asleep,: continued Tate. “Protecting the little penguins through understanding and addressing key threats such as climate change, marine pollution and introduced land predators such as foxes is essential to maintaining healthy populations. The Penguin Foundation is doing amazing work to help mitigate these threats and protect the species today and for future generations.”

Ecoheads will organize the symbolic adoption of a little penguin in honor of every stylist who gets their very own ‘little Ping’, which will enable the Penguin Foundation to continue its crucial work to protect and nurture the little fellas. Meanwhile, adopting an Ecoheads Ping color mixer will help stylists continue their crucial work of consistently creating the best results for their clients.

“When you apply color that has been inadequately mixed you can get variations that will show up in the hair, which you can’t have when working with either the minimalist pastels or the rainbow brights,” warns Matrix Global director, Ecoheads advocate and Australia’s 2018 Color Technician of the Year, Stevie Corinthe. “You can’t hide badly applied, badly mixed color. Using The Ping is the only way to ensure colors get mixed properly every time.”

Throughout February you can adopt a little penguin and a Ping by going to the

Fun Facts about Little Penguins

  • They grow to just 16 inches tall, a quarter the size of the emperor penguin.
  • Their backs are blue rather than black so they are camouflaged from above while swimming in the sea.
  • A little penguin can swim up to 30 miles a day, reaching a top speed of nearly four miles an hour.
  • While they are molting, between February and April, they are not waterproof so can’t go out to sea.
  • They spend about 80 percent of their life at sea.

About the Penguin Foundation: The Penguin Foundation funds the protection of little penguins through scientific research, conservation and wildlife rescue and education activities which provides a greater understanding on their ecology and the threats they face, as well as habitat protection, removal of introduced predators, and rescue and rehabilitation in the event of an oil spill, for example, to help ensure the populations remain healthy today and for future generations.


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